Sunday, February 20

Snowy Saturday in Rochester

We started the day off first thing with a new refrigerator. Porter was pretty excited to supervise the delivery and installation of Gemma's big new fancy fridge. When the first delivery guy came in Porter accused him of looking like G-pop. It was so funny, Porter looked up and Brian and I all confused saying, "G-pop?" Luckily, we get the real thing later today when Dad and Kathy arrive so no one is too disappointed.
Gemma perfects the art of napping in the Ergo, while I enjoy my morning coffee.
Really mom, more burping?
Porter discovered a previously unknown big truck to be on the lookout for: plows!
We ventured outside for some snow play and lasted approximately 90 seconds due to the frigid wind. Porter just kept saying, "Cold! Cold. Mama pick up. Cold!"

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