Saturday, February 5

Laughing Hard Enough for Everyone to Pee Their Pants

Tonight, I was driving the 4 of us from our dinner out on to the next stop (harassing local businesses into donating for our preschool fundraiser). Suddenly, Tim's two Shiner Bocks at dinner caught up with him and he really needed to pee. He did a few deep breaths and I started haranguing him about was he breathing like that, it was freaking me out, and I felt like I needed to drive super crazy to get him to a bathroom. Tim immediately turned it around and started recounting the night he drove me to the hospital before Porter was born. We left for the hospital around midnight and drove through Hollywood with the windows down because it was really hot that night. There weren't tons of people around but Tim was recounting one particular red light when I was moo-ing in the throws of a contraction and he was left to endure the looks from the car of strangers next to us, also with their windows down.

His recounting of the tale had me laughing so hard that I couldn't see and had to pull the car over. It was that hard, choking laughter where you can barely catch your breathe. Matilda made it even funnier because she was so concerned about the whole thing. She had a frozen-fake smile on her face, like she knew she was supposed to laugh along, but really she wanted some reassurance. Porter was doing lots of fake laughing along with me and eventually Matilda got in on the joke. The worst part was, no matter what Tim said, it just made me laugh more and the whole time he still had to pee!

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