Monday, February 14

Marco's Moving In

Well, at least he thinks he is moving in. Our friendly pigeon friend is getting friendlier every day. Or possibly just more desperate to join our flock. Today he decided perching on the easel was too far away and came down on the ground to watch the kids play. They, of course, moved themselves closer to the window and started involving him, at least as much as possible through the screen.
Marco and Porter have a heart to heart.
After a bit we all went outside and Marco finally got brave enough to hop up and ride my shoulder for a bit. I kept asking the kids if I had poop on my back but no one would answer me.
Here's some live action pigeon-car-play. Marco seems quite bold and somehow does not get spooked much by all the raucous kid noise and quick movement. Needless to say, I think this bird is really funny.

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