Friday, August 20

Friday Fun Day

It was Hawaiian day at zoo camp for Matilda's last day so she broke out some of her dress-up items & went in style. I didn't send her in her grass skirt because I thought that might be overdoing it, but I was wrong since many, many gals showed up in them. Apparently LA families can bring it when theme days are involved. After doing a little garbage patrol in the park, Porter & I met Stella and Sarah for a jog.We retreated from the high temperatures to our pool for a post-park swim.
Then Porter raided his sister's old things for a little dress-up fun of his own.
Stella headed home for a nap while we headed to lunch with Tim where Porter tried wiping everyone's face up.
Matilda emerged from zoo camp as a shark today and bid her counsellors farewell. I loved her rocking face paint, although I might interpret it more as a wave but awesome regardless. Matilda liked it even more tonight after I washed it off and the remaining stained spots of color looked like eye makeup. She'll be ready for some scary pageants tomorrow!
After camp we made a quickie run to the party store for the biggest Ariel ballon we could find to cheer up Matilda's school buddy who fell and broke her arm this morning (at school - yikes!). She has to stay at the hospital overnight till they can do surgery tomorrow for a few pins to repair the bone so we thought some room decorations were in order.
Stella & crew rejoined us for dinner. Porter thinks, "If only they would cut my hair I could scarf down this stir fry faster."
We ended the evening with a little YMCA, a crowd pleaser around here these days. Stella alternated watching Matilda with doing somersaults!

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