Monday, August 16


Matilda is at the zoo 6 hours a day all week! She was thrilled at drop off and barely said goodbye to Porter & I. Porter was seriously distraught to leave the classroom. He is going through a monkey-love phase and Matilda's class theme all week is primates so there were lots of apes and monkeys there for him to oo-oo-oo at. It was such a novelty for me to pack 6 hours worth of food for her; I kept throwing more and more things in hoping that she didn't have to lug it around with her. She was almost more excited about her new lunchbox than she was about camp, such a novelty.

Porter & I have been super productive with our day completing 3 loads of laundry, a jaunt to the tire shop to fix our flat, a big grocery store shop AND a nap (for him only) all with 1.5 hours to spare so far. Maybe I'll get that nap yet!

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Anonymous said...

M is such a big girl now! She is so cute and I wish N could join some reptile classes with her - I am sure the two of us would pack the coolest lunchboxes! :-)