Monday, December 14


Friday morning we decided to flee our soggy apartment and move into another unit in our building. It is a really strange feeling to move so unexpectedly. I didn't really get time to say a proper goodbye to that place where I brought my babies home to (among countless other important memories). The new apartment is exactly the same layout as our old one, except a mirror image. To save time and energy (that needs to be devoted to Christmas prep instead), we have put everything in the same corresponding place as well. As a result, it feels like our whole world is a little off kilter. We still have lots of stuff in the old place and will likely be making 1,000 tiny trips over there in the next week or so to finish the process. Most of M's toys are still there, my entire wardrobe is there, every meal I cook Tim goes over there at least 3 times to fetch something. The landlord is too preoccupied with fixing the leaky roof to be rushing us out. Now that the kids are settled into the bed I think I'll head down the hall to find my Christmas bottle of Baileys, and a few other random things to haul back. We are settling in o.k. and trying to make the best of the situation. I think that time and some holiday cheer will help us feel more at home here.

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Uncle Brian said...

I love that the new place is a mirror image of the old one. It would be funny to know what Porter is thinking during the whole process. He is gonna be so confused when you dont move to an almost identical apartment every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas.