Saturday, August 29

Time with Daddy

Tim's job ended yesterday and he is now officially unemployed for four! I am not yet overcome with panic about the uncertain future, but instead really looking forward to having him around for some solid family time. We planned a trip to NY that will prevent him from really accepting any job for the next month. Normally our weekends are a bit frenzied trying to balance squeezing in "quality time" together with getting errandy-to-do-items checked off. Today was totally different since we now have no workdays to interrupt our family leisure or personal productivity. It was wonderful as we just took time to unwind after his very busy last work week & enjoyed the day with no pressure. Maybe we should put find benefactor at the top of our weekday to do list?


Max's and Paul's Dad said...

I'm sorry to hear about Tim's unemployment. So I'll keep my fingers crossed for him that he will find a new job in the next weeks. In the meantime distraction will do him good for sure. And as one see the kids enjoy the new daddy time.

Best wishes from Germany,

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Too cute! I am so happy to hear about the family time; obviously every minute is being enjoyed!! Amy