Wednesday, May 7

Toddler Art Class

Matilda started a four week art class with her friend Molly this week at the Zimmer Children's Museum. The class started out pretty tame with some stickers and glitter but rapidly degenerated into an ink pad-marker-paint stick-free-for-all. Here Matilda ponders careful placement of her confetti pile on the sticky foam sheets each kid was given. Once the sticky sheet was thoroughly covered with glitter, confetti, stickers, feathers and more glitter the ink pads were brought out. Rather than use the many stamps provided, M thought hand prints would be a more personal touch to decorate her bag.
Hands ready!
Molly wasted no time in getting in on the hand print action, too.
At the end of class Matilda was grabbing handfuls of glitter, cramming them in her pockets, and emphatically saying "Later! Later!" (As in "for later on.") I think she will be quite pleased to return for more art next week. Many thanks to Grammy who attended also and got some good pictures while my hands were covered in a thin layer of blue ink and glitter!

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