Saturday, May 31


Matilda was boob obsessed one day this week and presented me with my first parent-mortified-by-child moment. The first boob related moment came as we were both undressing for a shower. She snatched up my new bra and held it around her chest declaring "Me wear boobs." This still cracks me up each time I think of it, as I imagine her logic that putting the bra on is what gives you boobs, not the reverse that you use a bra to put your boobs in.

The more entertaining/embarrassing story occurred during our plane trip. As I set Matilda down in her middle seat on the airplane (after some seat swapping since the airline had me seated several aisles away from my 2 year old) she pointed to our traveling neighbor in the window seat and exclaimed loudly "Boob!" This woman did have astoundingly large breasts so I can't blame Matilda for noticing. I refrained from the appropriate-comments-to-strangers lecture and just brushed it off calmly saying that yes, everyone has boobs. At first I was very afraid that the woman's cold reception was a poor omen of how the 6 hour flight would go, but I quickly gathered that her English was quite poor so I think she didn't catch Matilda's message. She warmed up to us and all was fine with no more discussion of anyone's boobs.

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