Friday, August 17


Matilda's language development has exploded recently. She learns new words daily, will often parrot words back that she hears (no swearing yet), and has an ever expanding vocabulary of sounds (animals, cars, toys, etc.). These new found communication skills can sometimes make M more frustrated when she is trying to get her point across. Often we find that she is very clearly saying something, repeating the sound over and over, gesturing in some vague direction, and leaving Tim or I bumbling through for a possibe meaning. I'm guessing this is probably the age where teaching baby sign language would have been most beneficial, if only we weren't such slackers.

This Wednesday Matilda took one more step in developing her grammar skills and relieving us of sign language guilt: she paired two words to make a phrase. "Nurse please." That's our little boob junkie. We have been working on please and thank you with her lately. She also has a tendency to butter me up a bit before asking to nurse, coming over to give a 'spontaneous' hug or kiss, before making her request. Smart little cookie finally put it together that saying please was a sure fire way to get her nurse on.

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