Friday, August 3

Farm Girls

We headed back out to Underwood Farms today for a visit with our chicken friends and some U-pick. The main objective today was raspberries and boy did we ever succeed! Enough raspberries for a pie AND for casual snacking. As I checked out, the cashier commented that she was impressed we managed to pick so much, referring to my toddler "helper" who was then occupied dismantling the stack of shopping baskets. M was actually very good for the whole event staying quite entertained. It also helped that the raspberry bushes were covered with perfectly ripe fruit to fill our wagon. Compared with our previous visit on a weekend, the u-pick was not at all busy and we barely had to search to fill the baskets. On our way out I picked some tomatoes and Matilda ate them almost as fast as I could put them in the cart. She then had a visit with the rooster who was desperate for some company on a quiet Friday afternoon. We promised him that tomorrow lots of visitors would be back to stuff him with 25 cent grain handfuls.

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