Thursday, August 9


On a recent visit to the petting zoo I overheard a preschool group talking about the sheep we were all gathered around. One little boy asked what they were eating as he observed them chewing their cud. The chaperon (Volunteer? Parent? I don't know. Let's hope not teacher.) said, "Oh, they aren't eating anything." Pause. "They are just grinding their teeth." Pause "See, you can't see any food in their mouths. That is why their teeth are so flat and wide, because they grind them all the time."

We all know that little lambs have razor sharp teeth just waiting to be worn down with grinding. Stressful life for those poor tooth-grinding sheep. What they all really need is to just be fitted for a nightguard.

The sheep sure weren't the ones grinding their teeth by the end. Why couldn't she just say, "I don't know"? The pauses in her explanation made me suspect she was making it up, although nobody can really be sure.

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