Wednesday, August 29

Family Vacation

We dusted off the old tent and took Matilda for her first camping trip last week. It was a fabulous time all around. Our two biggest fears were the drive and the siren song of the campfire, both of which we all survived. M did surprisingly well with the long drives, and had only two major tantrums because we wouldn't allow her to climb in the fire pit. Tim & Matilda were both fighting off a cold so it was mostly a low-key napping in the tent type trip with a few little hikes.

We had most of our traditional camp food, including the foil dinners you see here. Sadly, the s'mores ingredients came home unopened so Matilda will have to wait until our next camp adventure to try that delicacy.

Hiking in Andrew Molera State Park. Matilda was content to walk back and forth across these bridges for 20 minutes at a stretch. She also spent long patches of time inventorying all the pine cones, leaves, squirrels, dirt, etc in our campsite. I can't imagine her ever getting bored out there.

Self-family portrait at a Highway 1 overlook.

I am always amazed by the beauty of Big Sur and once again it did not disappoint.

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