Saturday, March 22

Santa Barbara Day Trip

Grammy is visiting for a few weeks and we decided a quick run up to Santa Barbara for oysters and zoo fun was in order today. 
 Penguin feeding time.
We spent more than a few minutes on this awesome sliding hill at the Santa Barbara zoo.  
I think they are just trying to reinforce the surf training that all So Cal kids get. 
 After the zoo, we headed over to the marina area for dinner at our favorite place up there. We happened on a fisherman unloading his giant urchin haul. He was very generous in teaching passersby about the animals and letting folks touch them. 
The fisherman went even further, and cracked a few open to sample. Matilda and Tim both agreed that raw urchin is delicious. They claim it tasted like really buttery oyster; I will take their word for it.  
After urchin manhandling, we settled into our favorite table overlooking the harbor. 
 Happy and full of crab, oysters, clam, calamari, ceviche and poke! 
 After the giant meal, a walk on the jetty helped to ease our overstuffed bellies. 

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