Friday, March 14

Joining the Club

Matilda came home from school last week ecstatic with news from the school nurse that she should go for an eye exam. She was just glowing with the information and told me she wanted to, "call everyone I know to let the know I might be getting glasses!!"

Today she finally had her dream confirmed when the eye doctor finished her exam. 

She was super proud of her disposable sunglasses after they dilated her pupils. Next time I will know not to schedule the eye exam before school, since she wasn't going to be able to read for a few hours until the effects wore off - a travesty for her! 
We did some preliminary browsing of glasses at the eye doctor's office, which she really enjoyed. After each pair Matilda put on, she would exclaim these are the ones I want! I hope her enthusiasm for the whole process lasts once the novelty wears off.

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