Friday, December 6

Tree Time

We continued our annual tradition going to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Biltmore Hotel downtown this week. That place will always hold a very special place in my heart since Tim and I got engaged there, but their free, fancy tree lighting ceremony helps cement that status. (Even in fancy party dresses I can assure you a group hug needs to turn into a wrestling match on the floor.) 
The kids were especially wow-ed by the beauty there this year and did a pretty good job of showcasing their fancy-restaurant-manners.
You can pose for funny face photos and still have good manners, right?
 Beside the nice holiday kick-off, this event is also good for boatloads of free cookies.
 Inspired by all the tree festivities, we went out to secure our own tonight. Porter was dead-set on carrying it to the car himself, but reluctantly accepted a bit of help.

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