Saturday, December 14

December Concert

Among the zillion other happenings this week, Matilda's school had their concert. I am such a sap for these kinds of things and love seeing all the different grades perform, from the little kindergarteners who are barely singing to the 5th graders with their customary super-choreographed spectacle! The 2nd grade number this year was all about water, complete with massive costuming of blue and white everything.
Here you can get a glimpse at the blue "sleeves" that one other mom and I created. They added a lot of sparkle and shine to the 202 arms onstage!
Our sweet girl can never stop waving at us during the show. Endearing, but certainly not part of the choreography!
Porter loves watching the show so much, but claimed next year when it is his turn he will not want to sing. I bet if they give my fancy-moves boy a dancing part, he would be more than willing to get down!

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