Wednesday, December 18

Mid-Week Fun

It feels a bit crazy around here trying to get packages mailed and to do lists checked off, but in between all that the kids are still finding fun. Here is a sampling of today's adventure:

Porter came home from preschool as a pirate. Beware the hook!
We stopped by the class pajama party and Porter was thrilled to squeeze into Matilda's seat with her to watch an old Disney video. 
We did more awesome science kit experiments. Porter already opened this science kit from Stella and doing science projects is just about the only thing that can distract him from the still wrapped presents under the tree!
Matilda made her own volcano with an after school play pal. And then they drank all the vinegar left over from the reaction!
We also managed to squeeze in school for both kids, a trip to the mall, a trip to the post office, a library visit, two separate rounds through Costco (grrrrr), and dinner out at Souplantation. Hooray for no dishes. I think we are operating at peak efficiency right now.

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