Monday, October 8

Week in Review

Here's a quickie look at what we have been up to over the past 7 days.

Monday is soccer day.
It was hot, 99 degrees at 5pm! The coaches were nice and did not run the kids too hard.
Random snuggle shot.
Watson eats a snack on Tim's shoulder. Please don't comment to him on his weight; he is a sensitive rat who knows he has gained a bit.
Sweet Leopold sits happily on my shoulder to watch some Homeland. 
Another resident makes himself seen.
We went to a Galaxy game Saturday night. Sadly they lost but in addition to a great game we got an amazing sunset.
We broke Matilda's old engineer overalls out of the bin for Porter to wear to a Travel Town birthday party this weekend. There was dangerous stick-swinging action. 

Matilda takes a shot at poor old Thomas. 

Maybe even more dangerous than the stick-flying is the mad candy-grab that follows. There were tears.
At some point this weekend Matilda went in to console a sobbing Porter and this what we found a few minutes later. 

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