Saturday, October 13

More Endeavour Shuttle Fun

We went and camped out on the curb in South LA today to watch the shuttle roll by at 2mph towards her new home in the California Science Center. It was a much longer wait than we expected because of all the delays as it shifted and turned to squeeze by signs and power lines and curbs.

 After much diversion with take out BBQ and people watching and marching bands we decided to walk down Crenshaw Blvd. towards the action to get a look before we needed to head home. It was incredible to see all the prep work that was done. The kids were pretty excited to get to stick their heads right in this dismantled signal to check out the red, yellow and green lights.
Finally getting a glimpse!

Here she comes, with a major entourage like any LA star!

 Huge! And completely worth the wait. I read somewhere that they did not clean the shuttle up after the last re-entry so it will always be all scraped up from the final space voyage. So cool!

We all can't wait to go visit at the Science Center when the exhibit opens next month! Maybe after some rest. We were all a little pooped after that day of hiking around the city in the crowds and the sun.

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