Saturday, December 24

Christmas Eve

The Nutcracker was a huge hit with Matilda. She loved the dancing and costumes a ton, although at intermission she said to me, "But Mom, are the dancers real people like you and me?" The world is a confusing place I think when ballerinas look like dress up dolls.

While friends were over for Christmas Eve dinner tonight, the kids got to open one present tonight and it was of course this awesome gift from Gemma and her parents.  To say the piano was a hit would be quite the understatement. 
In an attempt to calm down after the piano wild times, we all stared at candles and listened to the sweet chimes for a few minutes.
  Cookies chosen specifically for the big guy. As Tim was getting Porter settled for bed he was talking with him, asking a serious of questions for Porter to answer. Here is a transcript:
Is Santa's sleigh made of wood or metal? Wood
Do Santa's reindeer have silver bells or gold bells? Gold
What color are the reigns for the reindeer? Red
Does Santa bring snacks with him? No, he gets snacks from the kids!
 Here are the letters left by our fireplace.
 Santa's work is done here! Very excited to witness the morning fun.
Merry Christmas!

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