Thursday, December 22

Alive, but Exhausted

Hello, are you out there? I am neglecting the blog majorly as we frantically prepare for Christmas with baking and crafting and shopping and nose blowing. Here are some things we've done recently, not too recently though since I haven't downloaded the camera in 6 days.

Hike to the Observatory. During this hike Tim and I walked with a notepad in order to simultaneously "check our list twice" and provide the children with enrichment (i.e. keep them from climbing the walls).
 Matilda, with 85 other kindergarteners, got decked out in black and white to sing a medley of nursery rhymes for the school concert. It was as adorable as you can imagine. I had tears, and not just from sheer exhaustion and lack of sleep.
 We got a new angel chime, just like the one from my childhood. I had completely forgotten about these awesome things. The kids love it almost as much as I do.
My list is getting shorter, but it still includes wrapping which I always underestimate. I am going to try to get started tomorrow night. The kids are getting more and more amped everyday. Today I opened the front door to find a huge pile of delivery boxes there. Our little reader quickly notified me that the most enormous box was addressed to Matilda and Porter, from their cousin Gemma and family. That huge box looming in the living room now is definitely kicking the fever into high gear!

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