Sunday, December 4

Back on the Grid

After 72 hours we got our power back tonight! We had hot water and our gas stove to cook the whole time so, relatively, it was not too bad. However, the novelty had worn off and we were quite happy to come home tonight and discover the front porch light on finally! 

Our neighborhood was strewn with broken lines so it was not really too surprising that it took so long for the crews to get them all repaired.  Here is an impressive burn in the grass from a downed line that is a new landmark on our walk to and from school.
Matilda checks out some good samaritan neighbors who decided to clear this tree out of the street, after the city hadn't gotten to it in 48 hours. They spent two days clearing it!
 Our neighbor's Christmas decorations after the storm.
 "Camping dinners" and candlelight baths were terribly exciting for the kids.
The trucks finally arrived on our block at 8 a.m. this morning to great cheers from our house! They spent 12 hours just on our block today so it must have been a huge tangle of mess.

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