Monday, March 1

Joining the Ranks

I am now officially a soccer mom. Well, I don't have the minivan, but Matilda did start a soccer class/club/practice activity today. It was hysterical to witness. She's been really into playing keep away with Tim recently and has gotten surprisingly good at dribbling the soccer ball. We also figured her attention span was long enough now to follow direction in a class. So for the near future, Matilda will be spending 1 hour each Monday afternoon running her buns off with a bunch of school friends.

Here she is a speck in the distance as she takes off at the beginning of class toward the goal.
Matilda's in the red pants here. I am pretty sure the coach is saying, "no hands, no hands!"
Dribbling drills down the line.
Porter had a pretty darn good time watching and chasing ball around the sidelines.
Inexplicably sitting in the goal with her school bud. Future goalies perhaps?
Matilda was bursting with excitement before the class started, was so happy the whole time, and over dinner declared that she wanted to go back soon for more soccer practice. It was so awesome to watch and brought so many athletic memories from my youth rushing back.

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