Thursday, January 28

Beach Day

Since any day now we
will all have to grow up and get jobs (at least the adults in the household) Tim & I decided we need to make an effort to do the things we can't as working stiffs. Today we packed a picnic and headed to Malibu for the day.

Porter was so pleased with the beach that he could not be bothered to sit still for lunch. Instead he would just pause his crawling mission (usually after a seagull) long enough to accept another bite from me.

We climbed around the cliffs to get at more tidepools. We didn't find too much tidepool action, but did discover the Matilda is part mountain goat.

Once he discovered how delicious the wet sand was Porter did everything he could (like chanting "dow, dow, dow" and contorting himself almost out of our arms) to convince us to place him back in eating range.

Keeping both eyes and one finger on the sea gulls at all times.


Anonymous said...

The pic with P and his little hat is adorable!!! F

Uncle Brian said...

Tell Matilda that I will climb with her at Sabino Canyon anytime as long as she doesnt force me to walk all the way to the top and back to the bottom like some kind of chain gang.

Lori / Gordie said...

He looks just like Uncle Brian with that hat on, I agree, adorable!!