Saturday, July 11

No Sunburns!

We took Porter for his first trip to the beach today and forgot to even dip his toes into the frigid water. Frigid by my account, although Tim & Matilda had no complaints. Matilda had a blast building sand castles, getting turned into a mermaid, and riding the boogie board (until one particularly salty tip-over that is). It is a tall order going to the beach with a baby too young for sunscreen (not recommended until 6 months), but with a bevy of clothes, hats, umbrellas and blankets we managed to keep the boy sun free.

Here we are, all a bit too matchy-match, headed out before getting sunny and sandy.
Porter sports his bathing costume and stays in the shade. The mermaid of Zuma.
Porter loves the beach! Actually, Porter is just really happy to be pants-less here. I think Porter would probably love the beach a lot more if it weren't such a long drive.

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