Friday, July 17

Baseball, Fireworks & Hot Dogs!

We got tickets to the Dodgers game tonight and afterwards they did a fireworks show set to Beatles music. At the beginning of the night I was really nervous it was going to be a disaster because M is so tired from school this week and Porter has been turning into a pumpkin at 8:30 every night, demanding to be put immediately to bed. Once again, the kids wowed Tim & I with how well they did. It is nice to be reminded we can still do these fun things while juggling the needs of all four of us.

The Dodgers lost horribly, but Matilda didn't care since baseball = hot dog in her brain.
Porter looked cute in his Dodger blue and got lots of attention from our seat neighbors.
We decided to pass up the chance to walk on the outfield, and instead watched the fireworks from our seats. Just like on the 4th, M was again talking to the fireworks and kissing them while Porter was totally entranced with his eyes bugging out.

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