Tuesday, August 26

Catching Up

Still recovering from our two weekend trips with lots of unpacking, laundry and napping around here. 

Last weekend's trip was beachy and cold:

This weekend's trip was mountainy and hot:

Both were jam packed with family fun and good food. There are lots of stories I need to get recorded here. Like how Matilda reacted to her first s'more ("More chocolate. More chocolate, please. More chocolate, PLEASE!"). Or how monstrously huge the dead jelly fish on the beach were. And how Matilda did in her new sleeping bag (up until now she had squeezed in to share mine). I'll save the stories for later as now I must go start more laundry, nap and do more dishes (the dishwasher is broken, how do people live like this?), most likely not in that order. 

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so L.A. said...

Sarah's the one who rinsed her dish clean tonight. Turns out my pre-dishwasher rinsing isn't always a waste of precious time and water.