Tuesday, February 5

Coffee Debate

Matilda woke up last night at 3:45ish and despite the entire battery of back-to-sleep trick, repeated ad nauseum, she refused to return to (or allow anyone else to) the sleeping state. At 5:20, I finally gave in to the repeated chant of "food, cereal, eat?" (For the record, no we aren't starving her, I could not believe she was hungry. At dinner last night she ate more than we had ever seen, clocking a full 90 minutes grazing in the high chair.) The entire time she ate her two bowls of cereal and 1/2 slice of peanut butter toast I struggled with the question of coffee. Do I admit defeat and start my coffeepot, or hold out in the hopes that she (and I) will go back to sleep, allowing me to happily postpone my morning joe until a more reasonable hour?

In the end my desperate hope for sleep kept me strong and I postponed coffee. I can't prove correlation, but she did go back to sleep at 6:30ish and remains that way now as I start my second cup.

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