Friday, February 8

Another Grimsey in LA

On her way to Australia for the semester my cousin Mary Beth visited this week for a few days. Matilda was instantly smitten and gave her the grand Hollywood tour complete with a zoo visit and play dough time. We also hit some of the non-toddler-oriented tourist destinations:

The mandatory trip to see the Hollywood sign. For Mary Beth this view was not close enough, she is super hard core and hiked to the top of Mt. Hollywood with her roommate! During dinner Matilda got serenaded by Hollywood's Thai Elvis when our super friendly waitress snatched her up for a trip to the stage. We got Matilda to do some heavy lifting during our visit to the Batcave.
In preparation for her months in Australia I felt a trip to the Australia section of the zoo was in order. The animals surprised us with quite a show. Not only were the koalas awake, but they were running around the enclosure antagonizing the kangaroo. This photo was take immediately after a big wrestling match as the koala retreated.Bon Voyage at the airport.

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