Thursday, December 13

New Car!

So we finally ended our new car search yesterday and are again a functioning two-car family. We bought a used car from a private owner and it all went better than expected. Our mechanic checked the car out so we don't feel too nervous about it dying on us in a week. The only question I have is whether the pool of blood in the trunk is actually fake-blood from a music video shoot, as the seller claims. And if not, does that make me an accomplice?

In related news we also sold Homer yesterday and I said goodbye to my bobble head cat. He (as you can see, he is very clearly male) has been my faithful co-pilot for so many years and I will miss him. However, the buyer (our landlord, who is beyond description) expressed an interest in keeping the cat and asked about what purpose he served. He theorized that the cat served as some sort of "tachometer" with his head bouncing, explaining that if you are driving faster the head will bobble more. As I marveled at yet another crazy theory, my landlord stated that he will strive to drive slow enough that the cat head doesn't rattle so he is staying within a more fuel efficient operation of the car. While previously I would have taken the bobbly cat out with my other possessions I prefer to think of his adventures living with my landlord as a crude speed enforcer.

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