Tuesday, December 4

The Holiday Spirit

For me, much of the holiday spirit is tied to hearing Christmas music. We have a massive collection that normally goes into heavy rotation immediately after Thanksgiving. Like her father, Matilda has very specific musical likes and dislikes. We joke that she should work in the recording industry because she can determine after about 3 seconds how she feels about a song. We can't find a common thread among her favorites, but anything that doesn't meet approval gets a quick "Bye bye" and we must move on. We have been trying to not give in so easily to her music tyranny but it makes for quite the battle. So far we have yet to find one Christmas carol that is tolerated by the little miss. Maybe once we get our tree up that will help with the holiday mood, but I am not sure it will be the same sitting around by tree-light, drinking eggnog and listening to 1234 yet again.

The other integral part of the season that Matilda hasn't warmed up to yet is Santa. He is good in theory, from a distance maybe. Up close however, he proves to be terrifying. It seems that sadly, 2007 will be the year that breaks our Santa photo tradition.

The only part of Christmas that Matilda seems really behind at this point is the snow. And I'm not sure that really should count since she thinks snow is the fake-o type generated by bubble machines at fancy malls around here. Yesterday she just about lost it when the "snow" stopped and we had go on with our lives, bubble-less. All day long she kept asking "Bubbles? Bubbles?" Thankfully she can get a snow education when we travel home for the holidays.

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