Monday, December 10

Do your eyes itch yet?

So I haven't actually been stuck at home for the past 4 days with Matilda holding the house keys for ransom. It did, however, take a good 15 minutes to find them that afternoon. She had stashed the keys in her bed, under some blankets. That seems to be her treasure spot where she squirrels away precious items. I can totally relate, when I shared a room with my brother every single item that held any value to me was kept on the top bunk. I slept rolled into a tight little ball to fit among the books, toys, and debris.

Matilda is slowly coming around to the holiday spirit. She requests Jingle Bells now, and will tolerate a few other Christmas songs. We got our tree Saturday which made it almost impossible to sleep around here. Matilda popped out of bed at 5:30 a.m., saying "Tree!" and running for the living room. She very rarely gets up that early and usually is not so chipper until she's had her morning fix (i.e. 20 minute nurse). Santa is still deeply mistrusted. Each Santa ornament we would offer her to hang she would place carefully back in the box, saying "Bye bye." Snowmen are beloved figures and M calls them all "Mo", pretends to bite their carrot noses, and has taken to "nursing" one particular jingle bell snowman ornament.

In true winter spirit Matilda started her first ever antibiotics today, specifically drops to treat Pink Eye. She and Tim both have it and are playing the blame game over who brought it home. The infection itself doesn't seem to bother her too much, but the four daily eye drop sessions are traumatic for everyone involved. I have strong memories of repeated bouts with pink eye as a kid and so I'm living in fear of contracting it also. Just thinking about it makes my eyes itch. I am sure yours itch now too. Don't touch them, and go wash your hands! Although, as my Dad said, it's better than lice.

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