Monday, April 23

One Last AZ Post

As if it weren't already clear enough that my life revolves around food, I had a few more pictures from the family reunion/eating fest that I wanted to share.

Here we are learning to make tamales. They were fantastically yummy. If you could get past the lard.

The results: 12 dozen tamales. We are still eating them.

Sniffy sniff. We had tea one morning at a beautiful gardens and Matilda got more flower time in.
More evidence of my incredibly talented aunts. They made a golf course for my Grandpa's birthday. Water hazards, sand trap, the whole works. The sand traps were coffee flavored frosting even, my Gramp's favorite.
I have discovered the only way to eat waffles is with each of three aunts manning a waffle iron. The piping hot stack was never-ending.

Having way too much fun at lunch.

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