Tuesday, July 15

From Pond to Table: A Step by Step Guide

After feeding all the beggar fish in the pond, and then finding nets in the garage, the kids had a bit of an epiphany. Turns out it's quite easy to scoop up a fish or two. Or ten. Midway through the fishing frenzy Kathy and I realized we needed to set a limit or we would have way more fish than we could eat! 

A very proud fisherboy with his first catch of the day:
Next we took the bucket 'o fish for a ride back to the house. 

I'll spare you the photo of the other bits, but here are our delicious results! The kids were very interested in the whole cleaning process, with a short attempt at helping to scale them and lots of fish head touching and poking. A good life lesson in where food comes from.

Porter contemplates dinner. He's not the seafood lover that Matilda is but he tried a bite. He loved the process so much but we told him we can only catch fish if they will get eaten so he's struggling with that dilemma a bit.


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