Friday, July 18

Cornell's Ornithology Lab

On Thursday we visited the ornithology lab, which is on our long list of favorite places to go while visiting Ithaca. There is never enough time to see everyone, eat everything and go everyplace that we want while in town. However, the kids both listed the bird lab and the Sciencenter as a must so we made that happen. 
The indoor space at the Ornitholgy lab is just beautiful with many viewing points out for observation. At bedtime last night Porter listed back all the birds he remembered seeing while chatting with Tim: Canada Goose, Blue jay, female Cardinal, Goldfinch and some ducks.

Porter found a really fun touchscreen kiosk where you could look up a particular bird and see how many sighting had been recorded at the lab in the last month. We learned the Bald eagles are becoming more common! 
The paths around the bird lab are gorgeous hikes in ther own right. It's been such a rainy year here and everything is so green and wet. A nice contrast from LA right now.
The kids have been alternating taking turns staying one night with me at Dad and Kathy's house and then one night with their Grammy. It's been a really nice chance to get one on one time for everyone. Because they were missing each other a little beforehand, on this hike they were particularly goofy and lovey to one another. Slightly less bickering and antagonizing than normal for this pair of siblings!

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