Friday, March 9

Zoo Week

It was kind of a zoo week around here, and not just in the normal-hectic-life sense. We found ourselves at the zoo much more than our typical weekly visit. Monday, Porter & I had a zoo class so we got to go hunting around with 10 other toddlers finding animals with "Terrific Tails!"
Then Wednesday the new reptile house, LAIR, had a member preview so Porter & I returned again to meet Tim over his lunch hour for a quick look. It was awesome to see after so many months of anticipations. Matilda was dying of jealousy. She worked super hard every day after school this week on a big project due Friday morning so I promised her a trip to the LAIR first thing Friday after school. (Here Porter is inspecting the board for the neighborhood trivia game she created as we all arrived to school this morning.)
All my pictures of the animals inside are crappy so instead you get lots of kids-on-reptile sculpture photos. (On a big side note, see the crooked bottom tooth? It is still pretty loose AND tonight I noticed that the new tooth has broken through just behind it. She will still not hear any talk of allowing us near it. I managed some minor attempts to loosen it under the guise of flossing tonight but I am sure she won't allow that again.)
 I like that it kind of looks like she is trying to camoflage on this gecko with her new dress from India. (Additional side note, she is currently sleeping in her favorite of the new India dresses. She would prefer to wear it at all times. Pics to follow.)
 This bench is outrageously overcrowded with kids at all times.
This video is a two minute conversation with Porter about his imaginary pet tigers, while he repeatedly tries to get the last drops out of his zoo lunch juice box. Just a peek into chatting with the boy these days.

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