Wednesday, June 16

Fashionable Content

Cousin Michelle is talking about starting fashion blog to document her fabulous outfits.
I think I might be able to contribute if she needs submissions. (You can't really see it, but all three of these girls are wearing crazy high heels.)
Rubber boots will do , also.
Today M went to school in pajamas (coincidentally ones bought by Cousin Michelle & her GA crew). Ever since last June when M learned they did a pajama day at school she has been talking about and waiting for it. I learned last Friday that tragically they aren't doing one this year. When Matilda asked yet again about pajama day this morning, I decided she should have her own private celebration. She was super pleased and not at all phased to be a non-conformist. Hopefully she can hang on to some of that individuality while passing through her jr. high years!

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Another Day Another Outfit said...

Love her!!! And she can definitely contribute to my blog :) We will have to get an awesome pic together at the beach for me to post!