Wednesday, September 17

Photo Overload

We have so many pictures and stories to share from Brian's wedding I can't quite figure out where to start so I am just going to start by posting a bunch of my favorites.  

Here's Bri getting dressed, you can see it takes a lot of help: 
Matilda also seems to need some assistance in the dressing department! Her dress was too big for all the car seat buckles so she was riding around in only her fancy new wedding shoes.   
I like this one of Bri chatting with Matilda in the church before the service starts. 
Walking back up the aisle at the end. I was sighing a big breath of relief as Matilda did pretty well during the ceremony. She provided a constant stream of chatter with her play by play, but wasn't too loud and most of the folks sitting near us seemed entertained. The most memorable comment came as she watched me speak at the podium midway through the service. I came back to our pew to find the other bridesmaids in hysterics because M has been saying "Mommy's naked, Mommy's naked." Apparently she coudn't see any of my dress from behind the podium! 
For the professional photographer I think Brian behaved, but for Tim in this shot my brother couldn't resist his typical funny faces. 
Matilda gets down with the bride in her gorgeous red reception dress. 

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