Thursday, September 4

Camping Food

Growing up we did a lot of camping and our family had strict rules about camping food: Salted peanut chews are camping cookies, not to be made for any other occasion. When you cook sausage while camping, it must have peaches and cinnamon added. Make your brown bears (a marshmallow-y s'more alternative with peaches, butter and cinnamon) in empty, cut beer can bottoms is if you've forgotten your tin foil. Fancy chocolate is usually best, but when camping,  Hershey's is the gold standard for s'mores. 

Everyone knows that food (any kind of food) always tastes better when you are camping. I think it must be due to some intangible combination of the hard work you put into preparing it, hunger from all that hard play, waiting around smelling your food on the campfire, and all that fresh air coming together to make it perfect. I love camp cooking and it is so fantastic to now be creating camping memories for my own daughter. Although as you can see in the video she clearly has some opinions for changes to our tradition.

Of course, the meal eaten out on our drive home from camping always tastes fantastic too. Here Matilda is all red faced from our hot hike, devouring her fruit cup and peanut butter sandwich at the Mt. Whitney Restaurant in Lone Pine, CA.

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