Friday, June 13

Introducing the Newest Resident of Lake Kathryn

While we were visiting NY, Dad (aka G-pop) found this painted turtle in the road on his drive home. G-pop brought him (he's a boy according to Grandma Kathy's googling) along for Matilda to meet and to populate their relatively new pond with Mona, the pond's only other painted turtle. M was given the task of naming Mona's newfound mate. After rejecting several recommendations from Daddy and much deliberation, she recently settled on Dirk. It has a nice ring, right? "Dirk & Mona." "Mona & Dirk." I haven't yet broken it to Matilda that turtles eat tadpoles; she might like him slightly less once she knows he'll eat her beloved pond friends. I also have a cute video of Matilda manhandling Dirk before we released him, but I am tired of battling blogger to try and post it. I will try to add it again when I have more patience/time.

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