Thursday, July 12

Kwik-E Mart

While Tim's cousin Kelly & her boyfriend Nate were visiting we ventured out to visit our local Kwik-E Mart. No, not in Springfield - right next door in Burbank. To promote the upcoming Simpsons movie a few 7-11 stores have been turned into the Simpsons fictional Kwik-E Mart complete with Homer's favorite donuts and Squishees. Here Kelly & Matilda proudly display our donuts. Nate selects his Squishee flavor. Matilda is not too sure about it all. The whole affair was quite a spectacle. There were so many people there that at times the security guard was limiting the in flow of traffic through the front door. The store was filled with funny Simpsons-esque signs and cartoon stand ups. I would highly recommend a visit if you are near a Kwik-E Mart.
After her first sip of Slushee/Squishee M was hooked and demanded more and more from Kelly until we had to cut her off.

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