Monday, July 2

Baby Diet

At the recommendation of her pediatrician, Matilda is now officially on my dream diet: more high calorie foods. We found out at Matilda's 15 month (15!) last week that she has actually lost weight since her last weigh in. I knew she was slimming down with all her running, but didn't expect quite such a dramatic number. In three months she grew 1.5" and lost 3/4lb. She is currently 30.5" and an even 20 pounds. So she stayed at the 50th percentile for height but dropped to the 10th percentile for weight, from the 50th. Dr. K says more avocado, nut butters, cheese, fatty fish, hummus, creamy yogurt, butter, olive oil, dips and so forth.

I am trying not to be too concerned or make food an issue and to instead follow the counseling advice I offered hundreds of parents over the years with kids who need to gain weight. A bigger concern is how this will influence my weight as I tend to "clean up" Matilda's rejected bits. I think I'll have an even harder time resisting all these yummy new high cal snacks. Dancing down the street after her doctor appointment. She clearly doesn't appear concerned. I am sure if Matilda wasn't running every moment of the day that also might contribute to better weight gain but she's not convinced.

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