Friday, March 2

Sharing with Tiptoes

Last night Tim & I were playing a lively round of ball with Matilda after dinner. We got a new ball last week that Matilda really loves to chase. At one point my throw went a bit off course, illustrating why I mostly sat the bench on both the softball and baketball teams. Rather than get up to retrieve it I was trying to convince Matilda to crawl across the room and do my dirty work. She wasn't biting so I asked Tiptoes to get the ball. Usually this tactic makes her hustle right over to the desired item, beating the stuffed animal to the punch. She isn't so keen on sharing generally. But this time she looked at the ball and then looked at Tiptoes as if deciding what to do. First she crawled over and got Tiptoes and dragged him halfway to the ball. Hauling the big stuffed pig was a bit much, so (smart girl that she is) she gave up and went and got the little ball and brought it right over to Tiptoes! It was the sweetest thing.

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