Friday, February 23

Sleeping Status Update

Thought you all needed more boring sleep details. With a little perspective (and napping) the other night seems not so terrible. M is still sleeping really cruddy, but since she is officially sick now my tolerance of late night-antics is much increased. Last night M woke almost every hour because she can't breathe great with her congestion; but thankfully she settled pretty quickly again most times. She found napping to be fairly unnecessary today and so settled down easy tonight at bedtime.

Other highlights:

  • Nose: Snot function engaged

  • Mouth: Second tooth broke through today

  • Bum: Mark your calendars: "Babies First Turd"

  • Feet: Steadier than ever, still prefers to crawl

  • Appetite: Raging, even with a cold

  • Cuteness: Increasing daily

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