Friday, January 12

NY Here We Come, Right Back Where We Started From.

We are headed home for a much needed visit with the family. Maybe Matilda will even get to see some of the white stuff my mom is always wishing for. We are having a cold spell here in So. Cal and went to the playground today for some practice being cold. Matilda now recognizes the playground from the moment we park and gets all excited, flapping and panting as we walk up the path. Today for first time she also got upset as we left, crying while we walked back to the car.

She is understanding so much and surprises us everyday. Yesterday while fixing some food I asked her if she was ready for lunch. She stopped playing with Fluffy (the coveted sheep) and went flying over with her fast spider crawl to the highchair, pulled herself up, and commenced the feed-me yell. Who knows what she'll be doing by the time we get back....stay tuned.

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