Friday, October 27

Seven Months Old

Matilda is seven months old today. We saw a 5 week old this week I could hardly believe my baby girl was ever that small. I feel like I didn't appreciate those days enough, not that I am not completely enjoying the funny little baby she is today. I am afraid I will forget all the little stages she is going through.

This month seemed to be all about action. Matilda is on the move more than ever and was really obsessed with moving these past few weeks: crawling, standing and all sorts of other jungle gym antics. As I type this she is climbing the bookshelf. Some days she would be completely exhausted yet while we were settling down for bed she was still trying to get up and go.

Matilda can really crawl now, the up-on-hands-and-knees traditional baby crawl. This photo is during her first attempt on our Vermont trip, but we didn't actually capture the hands and knees action that day.
It also shows how she used to stop just short of her intended target, stretching out to try and make contact, before commando crawling that last few inches. That behavior seems to have disappeared lately as she goes flying up to her target with new speed. It is hysterical to see her look around and spot something of interest - she the lets out a little squawk or her excited pant and then is off.

Matilda's favorite activity of late is to have Tim or I lay on the floor with her while she climbs on and around us. During this particular episode she also discovered how to pee standing up - she is clearly advanced for her age, and gender. She has also developed the ability to entertain herself for longer with her toys and just looking at her surroundings. Once in a while we will find her like this just laying on her back looking around or studying a toy.

She is full of chatter and makes lots of fun sounds: ba ba ba, blah blah blah, ma ma (we think this may really mean me now), ha ha ha, various squeaks and coos and a large assortment of grunts and groans. We are still trying with the solid foods but in a very laissez faire approach. She is not too interested; maybe next month we will have more news in that department.

Updated to add: I forgot to include Matilda's current weight: 18lb 12oz. After 4 hours last night in the Bjorn I think that nearly 19lb may be pushing the limit of my back. Our days with the Bjorn carrier are numbered and we will be transitioning to the backpack.

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