Monday, October 16

Refined Taste

So we are slowly plugging away at offering Matilda new foods. All the parenting books say laughter reinforces baby to continue their performance and recommend not laughing at the disgusted faces or raspberries she is blowing with a mouth full of applesauce. Let's just say it is an enormous challenge. Tim and I usually end up turning around from her to hide smiles and smother our laughter -she often holds her mouth open with the offending food inside as if to say "Hey guys, there is this horrible taste in my mouth, please help!"

We also suspect part of the problem is that she is Ms. Independent and wants to do it herself already. She always wants to grab the spoon and is happy to feed herself with it, but will rarely let us put a spoonful of anything in her mouth. We had the brainstorm last night while enjoying our artichokes at dinner to offer her the leaves since she could easily chew/suck on those. They seemed to be a hit and she had more for breakfast. So the only foods she consistently enjoys so far are avocado and artichoke - quite the palate.

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