Tuesday, July 11

Officially Unemployed

Or as I prefer to think of it: employed full time as Matilda's mom. I gave notice at work today, as I was to return to work in two weeks. It is a strange feeling. I am of course really excited to be able to stay home with Matilda, and feel privileged that we can do that for our family. However, I will also miss my work, I really enjoyed it. I liked my co-workers, I liked the clients, I enjoyed the daily challenges, and I will miss the stimulation. Most of my staff got teary today as I told them which made it even harder; they were a wonderful bunch of people to work with everyday.

Salary.com has an interesting piece on stay-at-home moms and estimated that a fair wage for the typical stay-at-home mom would be well over $90,000 for executing all of her daily tasks. This is not including overtime, which could bump my new salary up by around $25,000. They used the chart below to calculate this figure. Looking at all the components of my new job it seems as though I will still be building skills on my resume!

Mom jobs

Job title
Annual salary
Child Day Care Worker
Taxi Driver
Facilities Manager
Short-order Cook
Laundry Attendant
Administrative Assistant III
Accounting Clerk III
Licensed Practical Nurse
Plumber I
Automotive Mechanic I
Cake Decorator

Jobs listed in order from largest to smallest component of a stay-at-home mom's job. All salaries are national averages. Source: Salary.com, 2004.

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