Monday, December 1

Sous Chef

Porter is all about food these days. He must be approaching a growth spurt because he's eating SO much! Constantly hungry and eating crazy quantities. He is also super helpful in the kitchen. For dinner tonight he made our salad and was very happy to have the freedom to choose all the ingredients and wash/chop/peel/slice to assemble it himself. 
Keeping with the food theme, the week before Thanksgiving break I went into his class to present a lesson related to food. They were doing a food unit and the teacher (knowing my loved for all things food) asked me to prepare something. I found a really great lesson plan online about "Eating a Rainbow!"which discussed the nutrients in fruits and vegetables and why it's good to eat a bright variety of produce. It's so fun to see their minds cranking and turning! After the discussion they all got to make rainbow kebabs for a snacks.
I forgot to get a good photo of all the trays, but they looked really beautiful.
I also made kale chips and sweet potato fries to sample and it was exciting to see how many kids were willing to try them. Beside enriching all of his 25 other classmates, all the prep work was worth it just to see Porter so proud and happy to have me in class.

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